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1982 911 SCAnit-theft alarm randomly activated


Vehicle Information: Model: 911 SC; Year: 1982; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 103k;

My car is randomly honking at me.It is not the regular sound activated by pressing the pad in the steering column, it's the sound made by the anti-theft alarm. And it's doing it when this anti-theft system is de-activated by the keyhole in the driver's door.It is a short honk, usually just one "toot", not quite as long as the "toot" made when the car's alarm is activated by opening a door when the alarm is armed. And it occurs during a multitude of scenarios:1. When all four wheels of the car are on different planes, such as turning up or down an embankment.2. Slamming the driver or passenger door with the engine off and the anti-theft system is not armed.3. Opening and closing the front trunk lid.4. And last but not least, sitting by itself, all doors and lids shut.It is occurs at least once during each outing in the car, as we use it as a weekend car and maybe once during the week. All scenarios described above occur when the alarm is not armed.It seems to me there must be something happening with the electrical system at a contact point to cause the alarm to activate itself just very briefly. I pulled the fuse controlling the regular horn, and as you know, this did not solve the problem.

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