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1982 911 SCTurbo Tie Rods


Vehicle Information: Model: 911 SC Euro; Year: 1982; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 91,500;

I am in the process of installing some turbo tie rods. With the OEM rods came some spacers which I read were necessary to prevent the threaded end of the tie rod from bottoming out in the female portion of the steering rack. The depth of the steering rack is deeper than the threaded portion of the tie rod end, which would suggest to me that the spacers are not necessary. I have subsequently been told that the spacers are necessary to maintain the proper steering geometry. These are not the spacers required to prevent bump steer.Given the lenght of the old tie rods(31.5mm), if I use the spacers with the new tie rods I only have a couple of threads left to shorten the rod for adjustment if necessary during alignment

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