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1982 911SC Driver Side Door Lock Mechanism


Vehicle Information: Model: targa 911 SC; Year: 1982 ; Body Type: Targa; Total Mileage: 53k;

Took door panel off and made window raise lower using the adjustment using proc described in Bentley manual. In process, a small plastic spacer or ? about 2 cm long and wide fell out. Manual does not show this. More importantly, the door lock knob and the door key will not lock or unlock. Locking rod will only move about 1/8 inch and control rod will also only move a fraction. Springs and release cable and door lock assembly looks ok - but hard to see up in there. Can't see anything wrong even with release rod not connected to release swivel. Help. Is there a better diagram of door lock assembly than in Bentleys? again, the only adjustment I made was to move the stop to lower the window height.

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