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1983 911 SC overheat and rebuild


Vehicle Information: Model: 911SC; Year: 1983; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 140,000;

I'm considering purchasing a 1983 SC. The engine was overheating and smoking, so it was rebuilt. I'm not sure what was done at the time of rebuild. I've not seen the invoice yet. The cost was $7600, per the owner. I use the same shop for regular maintance on my '88 Carrera and they have a good reputation. With 140,000+ miles, I expect the case was split and a full rebuild was completed. Since that time, it has continued to overheat, but it no longer smokes except for a few seconds when first started. When driven, it runs strong for a period of time and the temp remains at the high end of the normal range. Then, for no apparent reason, the engine begins to run rough and the tempature begins to climb to the red zone. This will occur at random, either high or low RPM. It will cool down eventually if the speed is lowered to around 2200 RPM in 5th gear. When the engine is missing and it is at idol, the engine idol speed remains around 1500-1800 RPM. If it is not missing, the idol range is 800-1000 RPM. The temp gague seems acurate, as the engine smells of fumes and oil and I can feel excessive heat when the deck lid is lifted. This has occured when the outside temp is in the 50's. I have no doubt that it will really get over the line in the summer in Middle Georgia. Any ideas about what might be the problem?I'm imterested in a good track car for D.E. and this one fills the need if we can solve the heating problem. The asking price with the existing problems is $10,000. I plan to offer $8,000 if I can have a good idea of where to start on this problem. The shop that did the rebuild is willing to complete the repairs under the existing owners warranty since the car has less than 200 miles on the engine. But they are baffled by the problem too.

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