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1983 944 Air conditioning conversion

Heating and Ventilation

Vehicle Information: Year: 1983; Engine (type, size, modifications): 2.5 L non-turbo, stock config.; Total Mileage: 86,000;

My '83 944's A/C blows warm. I am a new owner to the car so I have no history on the system. I can tell you that the compressor does cycle as it should when turned on and the A/C aux fan on the condensor works as well. I believe the system is merely low on refrigerant. It, as you know, is a R12 system. Not only is R12 harder to find these days but when you do find it, it's very pricey. What is required to correctly change my completely stock (and original) A/C system over to R134a? I am not concerned with originality. Frosty cool air on those 90 degree days is my goal! Cost for conversion (if recommended), system functionality, and maintenance costs are my main concerns.

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