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1983 944 Sluggish Acceleration up to 3000ish RPM then runs great

  • 1983
  • 944
83 000
Orland Park, 

Having issues with the acceleration of my 83 944.  Been dealing with a leaky fuel rail and replaced it with a used S2 version.  My original fuel rail I replaced the fuel damper and regulator.  Could never ge tthe weld to hold so, could not find a reasonable early fuel rail. Prior to this project, i replaced the TPS, and it still registers good within the Ohms.  The reference sensors were replaced and depth calibrated about 3,000 miles ago.

After getting it all back to gether and taking it out on the road for three weeks now I still have a sluggish acceleration in first gear until I get the revs up to over 3,000RPM.  In similar posts it might be the AFM, but since I replaced with a  used fuel rail with used reg and used damper, could it be the damper.  Of course neither will fit on the S2 version.

When I crack open the AFM I noted that I can use some emery cloth to clean the exposed electrical contact.  What ohm should it pull at start and open.  Any way to check it without cracking open for the ohm on the pins?  Not trying to be lazy just every time I open something up it becomes my next PITA project.

I have ruled out the O2 sensor as it runs the same hot or cold.

Any suggestions appreciated.

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