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1983 Warm-up regulator


Vehicle Information: Year: 1983; Engine (Size, Modifications): 3.3 L. Adjustable boost set at 0.9 bar; Total Mileage: 59,000kms;

I changed the warm up regulator (cast aluminum box about 1 1/2"X 1 1/2" x 3" mounts below hose between intercooler and manifold? I'm doing this from work so I can't refer to my file to ensure I'm calling it the right name.) 3 years ago when the engine suddenly began to run rough and belched out huge amounts of black smoke. I managed to get it home, read my shop manual and spoke to one of the experts in our region (Rennesport) and he said this was probably the cause. It cost about $500. Canadian if this helps.I installed it and the engine started and ran like normal. The only problem I still have is that, at idle, the exhaust pipe is sooty black. There is no sign of black smoke and if I clean the exhaust pipe and drive it on the highway for a while and stop, the pipe is it's normal light tan colour but by time I drive through my neighbourhood to my house, the pipe is starting to look black again.I have never tackled adjusting the mixture on the top of the manifold because it seems a little intimidating reading the manual. I have a homemade adjustable boost system that works well and I keep it at about 0.9 bar.Having said this, can I adjust the idle mixture and lean it out easily? Did the installation of this part cause the problem? I was sure to get the same part number as the manual states that you have to have the exact same number on the part if you change it.

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