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1984 911 Carrera High Oil Temperature at Idle


Vehicle Information: Model: carrera; Year: 1984; Body Type: Coupe; Engine (type, size, modifications): 3.2l, with headers/chip; Total Mileage: 105000;

Recently I started my car and then had to step away for 45 minutes.Thinking nothing of this, I then came back and saw the oil temperatureapproaching the red zone, although not in it. As I live in Arizona, Ihad installed a later model front fender oil cooler with fan, but on thisnight the outside air temperature was 55F. In any case, I slowly drovethe car up to highway speeds, 65+, and the oil temperature came rightdown to normal for conditions, in the lower range. I was under theimpression that the Carrera will not over heat at idle. Could thisproblem be that the thermostat is inoperative or is this an engine oilcooler issue? Neither have been replaced to my knowledge.

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