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1984 930 Engine Stalls when warmed up

Fuel System

Vehicle Information: Year: 1984; Engine (Size, Modifications): 3.3; Total Mileage: 37,000;

My 1984 930 started to stall when fully warmed up. It starts up just fine, whether hot or cold (new fuel accumulator). When cold, it goes to fast idle and rpm comes down as it warmed up (I also replaced aux. air regulator). After prolonged idle or, say, 10-min. of driving, idle speed keeps falling and engine stalls eventually - idle speed screw is WIDE OPEN (when screw is wide open, fast idle is as fast as 3,000 then comes down to 2,200 and it keeps going down until it stalls after a while). When I give a gas right before it stalls, it comes back but it is a tad rough. Even in this condition, with enough gas, it revs up all OK also.Car did have rough and low idle but it got worse to a point where engine just dies - like a fuel starvation. This car did not retain a cat and I don''t believe AF is too rich as far as I can tell from an exhaust smell.I do not have an access to fuel pressure gauge but would you suspect a failing fuel pump or failing WUR? If you suspect WUR, is there anyone who can rebuild Turbo WUR? Your input is greatly appreciated.Thank you.

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