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1984 944 Crankcase pressure


Vehicle Information: Year: 1984; Engine (type, size, modifications): 2.5, Chip, Cam, Header, Test Pipe, Ansa; Total Mileage: 121000;

Recently I purchased a 944 from a good friend/technician. The car blew a head gasket 3 years ago and he replaced it and put the car in storage. I purchased the car a few weeks ago, straight out of storage. It has a couple weird problems, possibly due to sitting. Problem 1: First, air pressure/blow-by builds up in the crankcase. This causes the dipstick to get blown out if I rev the car above 5000rpms. Is there a crancase vent/valve that could get clogged or malfunction? Problem 2: I live in the northern most part of new york state and drive the car all year. When I start it on a cold day it refuses to idle until it warms up, which takes a few min. I've tinkered with the idle speed adjustment screw but then the idle is too high at operation temp.

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