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1984 944 DME and Temp Sensor

Fuel System

Vehicle Information: Model(924/944): 944; Year: 1984; Engine (type, size, modifications): 4cyl, 2.5i, stock; Total Mileage: 130k;

I am trying to diagnose a no-start condition. I've read on Pelican Parts about a temp sensor failing could potentially cause the DME to not allow the car to start. In previous times, my car leaked water under the dash because of the way it is parked at angle and water seeped in and ruined the DME. This was apparent when I saw the harness connector full of water and when disassembling it, noticed most of the soldered connections had rust. I since then installed a new DME and the car ran fine. Then after a few rain storms, the car wouldn't start, but this time, no water present, no corrosion.I'd like to rule out if my temp sensor and the cold weather in the Northeast may contribute to my car not starting. Where is the temp sensor located and how do I check this?Where can I have a DME tested to ensure it is working? I tried it in my friend's 83 and the car still did not start.

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