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1984 944 will not start

  • 1984
  • 944
109 000
New Jersey

I am the original owner of a well maintained 1984 944. I drove the car for 150 mi. over a week (ran perfectly) than put it in a garage for two weeks. tried to start it, will not start.

Car turns over just fine so starter and battery OK. Theer is no spark at the spark plugs. This is what has been done or checked:

1. Starter turns over fine, battery new and always on trickle charger.

2. Original coil replaced with new Bosch unit. 12.3 volts at the primary (+) side of the coil: running voltage and cranking voltage at coil both register 12 volts

3 Distributor and rotor examined, no signs of problems.

4. Replaced DME/fuel pump relay with new one, no effect ( new relay checked, its working).

5. Replaced flywheel sensor w/new Bosch part, no effect.

6. Porsche mechanic checked grounds for DME, bypassed DME to check fuel pump, fuel pump ran fine. Other electrical connections checked, my work checked, seem to

    be ok.

    Mechanic reviewed his work with Porsche regional tech, both recommended replacing DME(hah).

7. DME replaced with rebuilt Bosch, no effect.

8. No signs of rodents anywhere in the car or the garage where it is stored, ie air filter checked, engine compartment checked, garage checked, etc.

Still no spark at the spark plug. No fuel smell, but seems to me that you should get a spark before the release of fuel by the DME so you don' flood the cylinders.

HELP! Where do I go from here? At this point I'm going to push the car out of the garage, let it roll into the woods and become someones barn find. Not really, it's my first Porsche, has been mostly trouble free and I'll keep it forever. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.






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