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1984 ROW 911 Carrera EPA Lambda Control Unit


Vehicle Information: Model: 3.2 911 Carerra (Euro); Year: 1984; Body Type: Coupe; Engine (type, size, modifications): 3.2 litre, Cat by-pass pipe w/Bursch muffler; Total Mileage: 57019;

I have a European specification 1984 Carerra. The car currently has aone-wire O2 sensor instead of the 3 wire sensor common to the US models.Also, the wire from the O2 sensor connects to a small control module,then from this module to the DME computer. It does not appear that thiscontrol module wire is going to the proper input on the DME wiringdiagram. The control unit is made by DC Johnson and Associates out ofLaguna Hills, California. I have tried to locate this company to find outexactly what this box does, but this company apparently no longer exists.The box says that is a "FAC for Porsche". I assume this means "Fuel AirComputer or Controller". It appears that the wiring to the box consistsof a brown lead (ground?) and a black/red lead (Power) and the lead fromthe O2 sensor. I would like to know what function this box serves and howI can return the DME system to its original configuration and stillmaintain performance/emission specs. I can supply more information ifnecessary.

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