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1984 Timing Belt Failure


Vehicle Information: Year: 1984; Engine (size, modifications): 4.7, rear muffler replaced with straight pipe by previous owner; Total Mileage: 155,000; Transmission type: Manual;

I believe that my water pump seized and caused my timing belt to melt/fray completely at highway speeds (70 mph). Needless to say, the enigne stopped running and I coasted to a stop. Is the 16 valve engine in my 1984 928 an interference engine? I have had a couple people familiar with 928''s say that it is not and that replacing the water pump, timing belt and hardware should put the car back on the road. If valve damage is not an issue, are there any other problems that could result from timing belt failure in a non-interference engine? If valve damage is likely, would a complete engine swap be an economical option? And finally, would there be any major complications if a different transplant engine were used (16 valve euro or 32 valve U.S.)? Thank you so much for your help and hopefully the news will be good. I recently moved to Tampa, Florida and the long, straight highways are making me miss my 928 stuck in Maine.

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