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1985 911 Carrera Targa Purchase Advice

  • 1985
  • 911 Carrera Targa
46 000
Car Purchase


Hi, I’m in the process of potentially buying a 1985 Carrera Targa. It’s a euro spec and I’m told it’s completely stock. Seller is claiming 231 HP. Seller is also saying that it is current for emissions.

1. When I look up the specs for the car in the US the HP is listed at 200hp not 231, is this because the euro spec cars had more HP or am I getting a modified 911 (a bad thing).

2. do you have any advice on the items i need to be concerned about or can you refer me to a website or book.

3. The story is that the current owner bought the car from the guy that imported it with 200 miles on the clock shortly after he imported it. It has been ‘federalize” (whatever that means) ... He has owned it since (for the last 33 years) and he has put ~42k miles on it. The VIN number is apparently a Euro number and he says its not easy to get a CAR FAX etc because of this, is this correct?

I appreciate any help you are able to give me ... thanks. Richard



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