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1985 911 Carrera Water Condensation on Instruments

Heating and Ventilation

Vehicle Information: Model: 911 Carrera; Year: 1985; Body Type: Coupe; Engine (type, size, modifications): 3.2; Total Mileage: 9,980;

When I adjust ventilation to 50% lower and 50% upper (defrost vents) theright two instruments (fuel or oil temp) get water condensation on theglass or lens. Shutting off the distribution to the upper ventseliminates the condensation. There is no moisture evident in the forwardcompartment. I recall this occurrence twenty years ago with a "new" 911SCwhen the outside temperature was below freezing and I utilized thedefrost mode to clear the windshield, but it disappeared within a matterof ten minutes, or so. The duration of this condition persists for aslong as the upper vents are open. Does this condition indicate anaccumulation of water in the heater/ventilation system that is notdraining? What suggestions or experiences have any of you had of asimilar nature?

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