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1985 944 Crankshaft pully removal


Vehicle Information: Year: 1985; Engine (type, size, modifications): 151 fuel Injected std.; Total Mileage: 73,000;

I'm replacing a water pump. Thanks to you and a Dremel w/ a wire brush, TDC was located. The next diretion in my manual after removing the access covers, is to "remove 4 bolts & detach the crankshaft pulley". I cannot get at the "4 bolts" (I can see them) because they are under the pulley for the power stearing pump which appears to be held on with a 24mm bolt which in turn appears as if it must be the crankshaft sprocket bolt--which my manual says is supposed to come off much later. Also it doesn't want to come off. Is this bolt in fact the crankshaft sprocket bolt so that I have to remove the starter and block the starter gear teeth to get it off? And is this bolt by chance a left-handed thread bolt?

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