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1985 944 Possible? Power Antenna fault causing rad fan failure


Vehicle Information: Year: 1985; Engine (type, size, modifications): 4cyl-2.5l stock; Total Mileage: 131000;

I recently pulled out my power antenna to see why it wasn't working. I freed up the antenna and reconnected the wires. The Antenna worked great for about 2 weeks. Then when I turned my radio off, the antenna stayed up, and my radiator fan turned on. I'm not too terribly worried because...when the car is hot the fan switches on and off as normal when the radio is on. With the radio off the fan is always on (given ignition is on) What does worry me, is that I noticed that the fan doesn't run when I shut off the car, radio on or off.. How dependant are these circuits? Does this sound like a bad ground someplace, or should I just disconnect the power antenna?

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