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1985 944 Throttle Body Overboring

Fuel System

Vehicle Information: Model(924/944): 944; Year: 1985; Engine (type, size, modifications): 2.5L Stock; Total Mileage: 138000Miles;

I recently picked up an extra throttlebody/throttle position sensor and Intake Manifold. I plan on Overboring the Throttle body to allow a little more air flow. I have seen overbored bodies for sale for the 944 in the past. My question is will the O2 sensor compensate for the increase in flow, or will I need to mess with the Electronics in the engine to obtain proper Fuel Air mixture? The DME chip isn't replaceable on my car as it is in the 1985.5+ models.I understand that there will not be a significant HP increase. My goal isn't to upgrade my car comparable to 951 performance (as you've mentioned to countless people, I can buy a 951 for less than the price of upgrades), but rather I like to tinker and work on my vehicles for fun.

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