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1985/2 944 Cold Start Problem

  • 1986
  • 944
39 900

I have a cold start problem with my 85.5 944 NA, that has appeared this summer in 50 - 80 degree F weather. The car is always stored indoors. The car starts immediately but shakes noticeably for a few seconds before settling down into a steady idle. It seems that the length of the rough idle is somewhat related to how long the car has been sitting. Earlier this summer, the car sat for three weeks and it took about 1-2 km for the car to clean up and run on all four cylinders. I have discovered that if, immediately after start, I put the gas pedal to the wall once quickly, the car may or may not stall, but in either case will then go straight to a nice steady 1000 rpm idle. The vacuum hoses under the intake manifold were replaced about 16 months ago.  The car idles reasonably smoothly at about 800 rpm once past the start-up, although not perfectly. I got caught in a very heavy rain storm a few weeks back and the electrical system didn't seem to be affected, so not sure if the problem is electrical, but the plug wires are probably not the newest. Any help in diagnosing this would be appreciated. Thanks.

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