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1985/2 944 Faint Rattle


Vehicle Information: Year: 1985; Engine (type, size, modifications): 2.5 ; Total Mileage: 125,000;

In the last three months I have poured more money into my 944 than I could have ever imagined. Just when I think I've got it in good shape another noise shows up. It's really faint but it sounds like a few pebbles rattling in a clothes dryer. It only happens while the clutch is engaged and most while accelerating, it is definately not an engine problem. I also grind occasionally while going from first to second. I've read through the old questions and it appears that the grinding is a synchronizer problem. What could the rattle be, and is it fatal? If it means a new tranny then my dream car might become somebody else's dream car in the very near future.

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