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1985/2 944 Steering Wheel Changes


Vehicle Information: Model(924/944): 944; Year: 1985; Engine (type, size, modifications): Normally aspirated 2.5 liter stock engine; Total Mileage: 96,000+;

I recently replaced the steering wheel on my 1985 944 (built after implementation of the mid-1985 changes) with a Momo Tuner wheel, using the suppied hub. The work was done by my local Porsche specialist, not a Porsche dealer. Both the left and right turn signals stopped automatically canceling after the Momo wheel was put on. A different turn signal switch was installed to no avail, at first. Then my mechanic remembered that the swich mechanism can be adjusted to be moved closer to the curved flange at the bottom of the steering wheel's shaft (this flange appears to be slightly shorter than the flange on the stock wheel). The result was better, but far from satisfactory. The turn signals cancel inconsistently. Sometimes I have to turn the wheel more to engage one of the cams inside the switch, sometimes less. I end up having to cancel the signal manually at least half the time. Right turns are worse, as I often have to turn the steering wheel through almost 3/4 of a full turn of the wheel before the cam is engaged. So, is there anything to be done short of putting the stock wheel back on? Will a new switch do the trick? Could the cams be worn and slipping? Can the location of the cams be adjusted to more consistently catch the flange at the bottom of the steering wheel shaft? Any help that you can give me will be appreciated.

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