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1986 911 Carrera Failing Fuel Lines


Vehicle Information: Model: Carrera; Year: 1986; Body Type: Convertible; Engine (type, size, modifications): 3.2; Total Mileage: 670000;

I recently brought my car to an independent shop in Texas for a purchaseinspection. The potential buyer came back to me and told me that theservice manager informed him that my car had the original fuel lines inthe car and the fuel line that is just aft of the fan and goes betweenthe two fuel rails was also original. He said this is of concern becausein the last couple of years they have seen an increase of these linesfailing and in some cases causing fires, in my case none of the fuellines show any sign of leaking or dry rot and there is even no sweatingat the joints where you go from a hard line to rubber. Have you heard ofthis problem? I talked to the service manager and asked to see the service bulletin andhe said that there was no bulletin for it and that it was just somethingthat they have seen and that he felt that my customer should be aware ofit. Well needless to say the customer declined to purchase my car becausehe was told that the replacement of the lines would cost between $1200 to$1500. Now, I was a former Porsche technician and have been throughlyinto the car and have addressed all important items and know the car isabsolutely solid. I just wanted to know if you have seen any history inthe Carreras with this problem. I did get in contact with my former shopand spoke to them and asked and they have not seen a problem such asthis, but they are in the Northeast. I also called another local Porscheplace and spoke to a service manager and he hadn't heard about thisproblem.

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