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1986 911 Carrera Hard-Shifting Transmission

Transmission and Clutch

Vehicle Information: Model: 911; Year: 1986; Body Type: Coupe; Engine (type, size, modifications): 3.2 litre, stock; Total Mileage: 83,000;

I recently (within the last 1,000 miles) rebuilt my transmission byreplacing all 5 synchro rings, and the first gear dog teeth. This was tocure the typical grinding while shifting into first. All other gearsworked smoothly. While at it I also replaced the clutch disk and cable.Now the car shifts great into 1st gear but the other gears are very stiffand now I get a little grind going into 3rd up or down. This does notoccur if I pause for 1/2 a second between gears. Before I changed thesynchros the 3,4,5 shifts were perfect. Now they are so stiff thatshifting really is difficult and it detracts from what is otherwise aperfect car. I really cannot fly through the gears like I could beforethe rebuild (with the exception of 1st). My specific question is howlong should it take to wear in the new synchros where shifting will againbe smooth? Will my shifting ever get back to what it was, or am I facedwith another transmission tear-down (maybe this time by a professional)? I should note that I am running 90 wt. Texaco gear lube instead ofSwepco. Will the expensive Swepco really make any difference?

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