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1986 911 Carrera Speaker & Audio Fader (Console) Schematics

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Vehicle Information: Model: 911; Year: 1986; Body Type: Convertible; Engine (type, size, modifications): 3.2L - stock; Total Mileage: 33000;

I am in the process of replacing the factory radio in the vehicle and cannot match the factory harness with any schematics in the Bentley Service Manual or anything at a local audio shop. It appears that I have 2 audio outputs from the back of radio that feed into the fader in console. If this is the case, I am looking for the wiring schematics for the fader so that I can utilize the 4 way outputs from the new radio. Is it true that the fader acts as the splitter into the 4 speakers?When I removed the factory Blaupunkt radio, I found that it had only 5 audio circuits = 1 small red? and 2 (+,-) audio outputs from the factory harness as detailed below:LEFT has only 2 wires:+ Brown w/ red stripe- Brown RIGHT has only 2 wires:+ Brown w/red stripe- Brownsmall red wire is for what??? right now it appears to be tied into constant 12V - and it is not the memory ckt. This small red wire is wrapped in the same harness as audio ckts.I already removed the console and have access to the fader... I am seeking the schematics for this so that I can run wires direct to the 4 speakers and use the fader in the head unit. Can you help? The fader has 6 wires going to it that connect to a 6-way connector from the vehicle harness. Each of the wires in the 6-way appear to be brown w/red stripes - need help determining what they are. These mate to the following colors on the audio fader side of the harness:GREEN = ?RED = ?GRAY = ?BLUE = ?BROWN = ?BLACK = ?Your input is critical because I want to preserve the factory harness as much as possible and utilize the existing wires in an optimized fashion. Can you help with my request?Thanks!

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