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1986 930 loose crankshaft fan belt pulley


Vehicle Information: Year: 1986; Engine (Size, Modifications): 930 3.3l; Total Mileage: 141526;

noticed a strange 'thrumming' noise while on the road - opened the engine lid, noticed the drive pulley on the crankshaft for the alternator & AC was wobbling!! Drove SLOWLY home, let things cool, removed belts - bolt appears to be fully tight, but pulley has noticeable by hand play on crankshaft end. First, how did this come loose? I can't get a socket easily onto the bolt to check torque but it's certainly not finger loose - second, is this a 'drop the engine' service, or can it be done with shallow depth socket in car? I didn't think these engines had rubber cored harmonic balancers, and can't feel same - feels like full metal pulley - is it, or am I missing something?

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