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1986 944 Timing belt change / clicking


Vehicle Information: Model(924/944): 944; Year: 1986; Engine (type, size, modifications): standard; Total Mileage: 85K;

The last time my car was in for service the garage mentioned that I needed a balance shaft adjustment as the engine seemed to vibrate. Other than this there did not appear to be anything ticking in the engine.A friend of mine and I had just replaced the timing belt and balance shaft belts, tensioners rollers etc on his 944S so we decided to do the same on my 1986 944.When we removed the old belts, tensioners rollers etc we noticed that the upper balance shaft sporcket was installed incorrectly. The sprocket has 2 slots in it and the person that had last replaced the balance shaft belt had installed this incorrectly. Further we noticed that the cover which has a tab on it, that should slide into the other notch had been cut off. Further indicating that the part was installed incorrectly causing the problem the vibration problem. We proceeded to complete the job, using the specialized belt tensioning tool, and double checking each other as we went verifying TDC and being certain to turn the engine in a clockwise motion etc..When we started the car we noticed a clicking noise in the engine. Clicking increased with acceleration. This clicking was not there before we started. It does appear that the engine is vibrating at all anymore, leading me to think that we replaced the belts and tensioned them properly. Did we incorrectly identify TDC? We verified it through the window multiple times as directed. Placing a screwdriver and listening on the valve cover seems to indicate that the problem is near the back of the valves. Where did we go wrong? Is this a major mistake?

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