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1986 944 Turbo Performance


Vehicle Information: Model(924/944): 944 Turbo; Year: 1986; Engine (type, size, modifications): 2.5 with boost increased, chips, pressure regulator, & BOV; Total Mileage: 45,000;

I have black residue in my tailpipe and my exhaust is darker than normal which I believe means I am running a little too rich on my fuel/air mixture. The boost is set to max. at 14 psi, stage 2 chips installed, 3 bar fuel pressure regulator, and upgraded blow off valve installed. I don't seem to be burning much if any oil from what I can tell as I am only down a 1/2 qt. or so between changes.My questions are 1)should I or can I run a hotter plug and would that help? 2) Should I adjust the fuel/air ratio and if yes what should it be set at? 3) Is there another problem that I should check out first?

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