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1986 944 Turbo Power Steering Temporary Failure


Vehicle Information: Model(924/944): 951; Year: 1986; Engine (type, size, modifications): 2.5L stock turbo; Total Mileage: 160 KKM;

I recently purchased this car, and have run it in two 3-day DE events in completely stock form. The car held up well, but exhibited a distressing problem with the power steering.Symptoms: Feels like an intermittent failure of the power steering assist. - Steering becomes very stiff for a period ranging from a fraction of a second to approximately 2 seconds before returning to normal. - The phenomenon is not gradual; it is an on/off thing and is not accompanied by any unusual knocking noises or other characteristics. - Steering is still possible, but requires much more force. Essentially, it feels much like when the p/s belt on my old Buick used to slip when I drove through a puddle. - The problem only seems to assert itself when I really push the car. If I drive at 9/10ths, I don't feel the problem at all.Specific conditions: this phenomenon asserted itself at two places on the track where you transition from a sustained right-hand turn to a quick left-hander. The problem occurred during the left-hand portion after unwinding from the (completely normal) right-hander. The track in question (Mont Tremblant) is a predominently right-hand track, so I cannot say whether this issue only affects left-hand turns, or whether it is the transition from one side to another that is significant. There is one other left-hand turn on this track which is not part of a right-left combination; I didn't notice this problem on that turn.Condition of power steering system: The P/S belt is at or above the correct tension. There are no evident leaks. There is no long term loss of fluid. All linkages appear to be good with no play. Fluid level is at or above mark. No foaming of fluid has been noticed. Fluid looks and smells fine.After the first DE I changed out the reservoir and the reservoir-to-pump hose (for the updated hose). I had hoped that the problem was due to the soggy old hose collapsing under load and pinching off the flow, but the problem seemed to be the same during the second DE.I have discussed this situation with two very competent local Porsche mechanics, one an ex factory turbo cup race mechanic, and they have no ideas. Can you help me?

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