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1986 944 Turbo Running Rich


Vehicle Information: Model(924/944): 944 Turbo; Year: 1986; Engine (type, size, modifications): std turbo w/cone filter, B&B exhaust, ; Total Mileage: 166000;

The car failed an emmisions test at idle, CO was more than double the limit. However, everything else was ok (close to limit). I am assuming the car is running rich. My air fuel gage (autometer) indicates mid stoich condition at idle and does not bounce around like it should!? During acceleration it does. As well, at times when I take my foot off the gas, instead of going blank (like it should!?), it reads that their is still fuel being injected and the car feels like it's still going. Also, the car is usually hard to start (5 to 10 cranks). The porsche dealer mentioned that the cause could be the O2 sensor, however, I have also read that the fuel regulator could also cause this problem. Before I start changing things out, I was hoping you can provide some insight into this (or these) problems.Note: I am aware that the previous owner tinkered around with the DME fuel adjust. However, the car seems to run pretty good on acceleration and at full throttle the a/f gauge reads 1 to 2 bars into rich like it should (car pulls quite well)!?

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