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1986 944T losing brake fluid


Vehicle Information: Year: 1986; Engine (type, size, modifications): ss; Total Mileage: sss;

I have 1986 944 Turbo with 38,000 miles, all original. I noticed a few months ago that I frequently have to top off the brake fluid reservoir. I am losing approximately two to three fluid ounces per month, which is about 300-400 miles of driving. The problem is that I can not find the leak. I replaced brake pads last weekend and looked over every caliper with no signs of leakage. Then I drove the car up on ramps and looked under the car at the brake fluid lines and there are no signs of leaks, The master cylinder looks dry. Do you have any thoughts on how I may be losing fluid? I do notice that my braking is weaker when I am three ounces low.

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