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1986 951 Engine Stumble


Vehicle Information: Year: 1986; Engine (type, size, modifications): All stock except for a Weltmeister Chip; Total Mileage: 42,000;

I am experiencing an engine stumble and would like to know what may be causing it. After driving the car on the interstate for about 20 miles and exiting and stopping at a traffic light my engine began to stumble and died. I was able to restart it but it ran rough and I then pulled into a parking lot. In the parking lot I was unable to restart the car and when it did it only idled roughly for a few seconds where it popped through the exhaust and smelled rich. I called AAA for towing but after waiting about an hour I decied to try starting the car and it started fine. So I cancelled the AAA call and drove it home for 20 miles and it ran fine. The car then ran fine for about a week and then began stumbling again on the way home one night. I was able to baby the car home and now I need advice on where to begin. The car has a new idle stabilizer (1 year), fuel pressure regulator (1.5 years) and fuel return one way valve at the fuel pump (1.5 years).

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