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1987 911 Carrera Loose wire

Electrical and Electronic

Vehicle Information: Model: Carrera; Year: 1987; Body Type: Targa; Engine (type, size, modifications): 3.2L; Total Mileage: 64000;

I was cleaning out the back seat carpet when I noticed a cable that was not connected. It is two pronged, covered with a plastic connector, attached to two blue wires with white stripes. It lives just below the driver seat rails on the right side and just left of the center tunnel. I searched for a connection towards the rear of the car, but no luck. I traced the wire forward where it dives beneath the gear shift. Any ideas? Is this an optional wire or was accidentally unplugged at some point? The car otherwise is running great. My rear defroster hasn't been working though. Could this be the cause? Your wisdom would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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