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1987 911 Clutch Pedal doesn't return fully

  • 1987
  • 911 Carrera
83 000
Transmission and Clutch

On my 1987 911, if I hold the clutch pedal down for more than a couple seconds, it tends not to come all the way back up. When that happens, I can usually get it to come back up by shifting into Neutral and then working the pedal up & down a few times. When that didn't work yesterday, I was able to pull the clutch pedal back up with my toe (while parked) and then it seemed to work OK again. But holding the pedal down for longer than it takes to do a typical gear change causes it to get stuck in a partially-depressed position. This problem first appeared a year or two ago, and has gradually become more frequent. Aside from the clutch pedal problem, the car seems to shift and drive OK. And if I don't hold the pedal down for too long, it seems to work fine. 

I'll probably need to take it to a shop for service, but I'd like to have some idea of what the problem is first. I'm also wondering if this is something that is likely to take a lot of Porsche-specific knowledge to service, or if a good independent shop that does a lot of work on German cars would be likely to be able to handle it. 

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