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1987 924S No spark


Vehicle Information: Model(924/944/968): 924 S; Year: 1987; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 130K;

Hi: the past month this car gradually became hard to start when hot. First it was once a week and then once a day. Let me take you back over the past month of "hot hard starts"...engine would however, start when hot within a couple seconds of turning off the engine but if you waited a minute or more it would not start. You would need to wait 15 or minutes before it would start again. This condition gradually worsened (more frequent hard hot starting) until now it won't start at all. Note, whenever the car would not start there was NO spark at the plug wires or from coil at that moment in time. Again, if you waited 15 minutes or more spark would return and engine start & run fine. It never stalls or misses. However, currently there is no spark at coil/plug wires and engine won't fire or start at all. Note, we have a super reliable 944 so we've taken off a number of parts (& bought new) to help eliminate possible problems... We've confirmed the DME box, plug wires, coil are ok. New plugs, fuel filter, injectors, regulator/damper. Also new battery and clean cables and tight connections. New air filter, timing belt and basic good maintenence & frequent Castrol GTX oil changes. Your help and insight would be appreciated more than you know. I don't have a lot of fancy diagnostic equipment and hope with help I can solve this mystery in my own garage. (if you get down to my level and explain in laymens terms).

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