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1987 944 Tire Noise

Wheels and Tires

Vehicle Information: Year: 1987; Total Mileage: 103,000;

I have alot of road noise. I thought it was from worn tires. I just bought Bridgestone S02 Pole Setters. They should be fairly quiet from what I hear. The noise did not improve at all. I now believe that it may be coming from the drive axles, cv joints, or the transmission. I've just changed the gear box oil (80-90 Valvoline), and checked out my cv joints and drive axles. Everything seems tight and solid. I spoke to a guy with a 951 with the same tires, and he said that all he hears is engine. I hear a deep whir or a loud hum. Even at slow speeds, it gives the impression of tire noise. Otherwise, the car feels and handles great.

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