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1987 944 Turbo unusual clutch noise when cold


Vehicle Information: Model(924/944/968): 944 Turbo; Year: 1987; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 94,000;

After a recent oil change and brake inspection, that coincided with a move to a house on a hill with a steep driveway but a level, clean garage(probably all unrelated to this problem), I discovered that there is a brief sound like a mechanical part slipping when I disengage the clutch to shift. I notice this only when driving the car for the first time of the day, and assume that engine heat either increases friction or reduces clearances because the noise ceases after about 15 minutes of driving. Several hours of inactivity were not enough to permit me to repeat this noise for a technician, so residual heat from recent operation must be enough to keep things tight for at least several hours.I have owned this car in the same geographic area for almost 2 years, and this is the first occurrence of this noise in any weather or temperature.Question(s): Could you hazard a guess at which parts might make a brief noise when a cold clutch disengages from a cold engine? (Ambient temperatures here are probably in the 70's or 80's when I start out--no cooler than the high 60's.) Can you recommend some simple tests to help me determine which is most likely the problem, and whether it's something to worry about?As always, the sudden onset of this noise is what gets me: if I had noticed the noise gradually increasing since I purchased the car (and if it went away as the engine warmed up), I might just guess that this is how a 14-year old 951 was supposed to sound...Rethinking this situation makes me want to offer one more thought. The biggest difference in my driving pattern since this noise began has to do with parking/starting the car. When I return to park the car, I drive up a short, steep driveway, park my car in a level garage, then turn the engine off a few seconds later. The engine is rarely so hot that the electric fan stays on more than a few seconds. When I drive the car, I back it down the same steep driveway after only a few seconds of warm-up time. I notice the noise as I accelerate to 40-45 mph a few blocks down the road, and thereafter for 10-15 minutes.My starting, stopping, and driving behavior has not changed, but I have never had to start and end each day with a short hill-climb--until now.Thanks.Mike

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