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1987 warm start problem

Fuel System

Vehicle Information: Year: 1987; Engine (Size, Modifications): Turbo 911,3.4L, kokeln intercooler,fuel enrichment,headers,powerflow intake,SC cams; Total Mileage: 78000;

I had the engine rebuilt to a 3.4L. Added most the modifications at the same time. I have a warm start problem. I turn the engine over andfires like it is going start but it doesn't.It then will not start. If you let it get coldit will start. If you take out two fuel pumprelays, with the accelerator on the floor, itwill fire and start until it runs out of leftover fuel. I then put relays back in, and withaccelerator on the floor, it will start. Itis rough at first but then runs. It startsfine when it is hot. My mechanic has talked to Andial about the fuel enrichment system andit appears to be adjusted correctly. I thank you for your expertise on this matter.

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