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1988 911 Carrera Car Hesitates, Cuts Off, Restarts after a short delay


Vehicle Information: Model: 911; Year: 1988; Body Type: Coupe; Engine (type, size, modifications): None; Total Mileage: 52,000;

Over the last year my 911 has occasionally hesitated while driving after reaching normal operating temperature and then after the "bucking" would return to normal running condition. I thought it could be water in the gas, but later proved to not be the case after testing for water and fuel filter replacement. Beginning last week the car began hesitating more often and then intermittantly started shutting down completely at any speed or RPM. The car would not start immediately after shut down but as little as two minutes of waiting (and as long as ten minutes), the car would start and run fine. Associated with the restart was a temporary black cloud of smoke.The fuel pump and O2 sensor have been changed as well as the fuel pump relay. The car still runs with the Cylinder Head Temp Sensor disconnected and the resistance measurements appear to be normal. I have a new Porsche sensor but it appears to have two leads vice one lead the original one has and have hesitated to change it. A local mechanic has monitored the car's primary and secondary ignition with a scope during the actual failure and observed very significant "noise" on primary and secondary side preceeding the failure. After the failure, the mechanic observed normal ignition readings to include correct dwell, but car still would not start until after is sat for a few minutes. A smell of raw gas was also noticed after the shut down. The DME is factory original but had a performance chip installed in 1997. The Mass Air FLow Sensor is orignal with K&N filter.Appreciate any insight you could provide.

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