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1988 911 Carrera Engine Connecting Rod Orientation


Vehicle Information: Model: 3.2 Carrera; Year: 1988; Body Type: Convertible; Engine (type, size, modifications): 3.2; Total Mileage: 75K;

I am getting ready to reassemble my engine. During the disassemblyprocess, I carefully either took many digital photos or marked each part.I had marked each rod location & orientation on the shank of the rod witha permanent marker. However either the magnafluxer or the rod rebuilderused a solvent which removed my marks. Since all the rods were rebuilt,location is not an issue. I have followed Bruce Anderson's advice,weighed each rod and will located the heaviest to the rear and thelightest to the front. Orientation is my question. The Bentley manual(page 102-19) states "Matching numbers on the side of the connecting rod& rod cap should all be facing same side of the engine (ie, all numbersface exhaust side of engine)" The accompanying photo shows three rods,numbers up, all pointing in the same direction. However, when assembledin the crankcase, this orientation would mean every other rod would havethe numbers in the opposite direction. A local Porsche mechanic confirmedthat he learned to hang all rods in the same direction during theassembly process, (which would confirm the Bentley process). This seemscontrary to any other type of engine I have ever rebuilt before. If only3 rods with numbers will be pointing to the exhaust side, which group of3 is preferred? Maybe I am overly concerned, but with all the otheridiosyncracies of the Porsche engines, I don't want to overlook anything.

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