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1988 911 Carrera Incorrect Tachometer Reading

Electrical and Electronic

Vehicle Information: Model: 911 Carrera; Year: 1988; Body Type: Convertible; Engine (type, size, modifications): 3.2 liter, stock; Total Mileage: 51,000 mi;

I've owned this car for about two years, and soon after I bought it, Inoticed that when the engine gets warm in the summer, the tachometerintermittently reads low. Driving along at constant engine revs, it willdrop from a stable 3200 rpm (correct I think) to about 2300 rpm, againstable. If it cools, it returns back to the correct value. All of theother instruments read nominal values. Any ideas what could be causingthis? My brother says my alternator's failing, but I would expect that tohave a larger impact.

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