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1988 924S Front Caliper Rebuild


Vehicle Information: Model(924/944/968): 924S; Year: 1987; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: approx 190,000;

I have had my 924S for about 5 years and 40,000 miles. Since day one, the right-front tire tends to lock up first under heavy braking during driving events (AX/TT/DE), and occasionally on the street in a panic situation. Over the years and many driving events, I have done all of the normal maintenance many times... 2 new sets of rotors, at least 4 sets of pads, several fluid flushes, etc. I have also replaced the stock brake lines with braided lines at each wheel. The problem still exists.I am wondering if replacing or rebuilding the front calipers is my next best option. I can't think of any other part of the braking system that would cause one corner to lock up before the other.I may replace the calipers with rebuilt, or rebuild them myself. Is there anything special about rebuiding these, or are they pretty straight-forward? I have rebuilt old Chevy truck calipers before, and these don't look much different (big casting, single piston). Can you give me any advise before I buy a rebuild kit and a new hone and dive into it?

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