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1988 944 Turbo - Hesitation when Warm in Cold/Damp Weather

  • 1988
  • 944 Turbo
118 000
Nova Scotia

I just upgraded from a N/A 944 to a Turbo.  However, it has an odd problem.  When it's cold and damp outside, the car responds just fine to the throttle after it's first started.  After it's warmed up for a bit, when I push on the accelerator, it either dies or bucks badly if it's under load (doesn't do this when the clutch is in) and then accelerates.  I have to feather the throttle in order to get moving.  Then, after warming up further, it's fine.  This only happens when it's cold and/or damp outside.  When it's a dry, sunny day it works just fine.

I'm thinking AFM, but I'm not 100% convinced.  The previous owner tried a bunch of stuff (including replacing sensors), but the thing that made the most difference was doing the Clark's Garage fix on the AFM.  As a result, I'm thinking that the AFM needs to be replaced.

Any thoughts?


Sean Smith

Acadia Region 

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