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1988 944 Turbo - Sometimes Won't Crank

  • 1988
  • 944 Turbo

I've got an odd problem that has me stumped.

Yesterday, after running fine all day, my 944 Turbo wouldn't start after I parked it for a short period of time (less than 5 minutes). All the accessories came on and the water pump for the Turbo kicked in, but there wasn't even a click of a dimming of the lights when I turned the key. I called roadside assistance, but before they arrived I got a boost.  I took the battery to a local auto parts store for testing. The test came back as a dead battery, so I bought another one.

Fast forward to tonight, and the same thing happened in my driveway - it wouldn't start after sitting for 10 minutes, not even a click.  My wife and I went out for about 3.5 hours. After we returned, I tried starting it... and it sparked right up with no hesitation.  I tested the voltage across the battery terminals while it was running, and it read 13.65 volts.

Nova Scotia
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