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1988 Clutch Cable Revisited

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Vehicle Information: Year: 1988; Engine (Size, Modifications): 3.3L, 964Cams, K27, B&B Exhaust, Powerflow, Heads ported/polished, Raceware; Total Mileage: 124,000;

This is kind of a follow up to a question you answered in September this year. I too had the same difficulties listed in the previous question with my clutch cable replacement, i.e. cable binding on accelerator linkage when routed on top. The original cable was also routed on top of the linkage and was also binding on it creating a hole worn through the outer cable sheath. I checked cable lengths between the original and new and they matched. In conjunction with cable replacement, I also rebuilt the pedal cluster, and replaced the clevis and pin, clutch pedal return spring and helper spring. I ended up routing the cable beneath the accelerator linkage to avoid this binding problem. Do you see any potential problems with this routing?One other thing. Once I replaced the cable, I immediately began to have problems with idle speeds upon warmup. The idle speed appears to be slowing down to almost a stall until the engine warms for about 1 minute. The car just had major tuneup about two months ago. Is there something I could have affected with pedal cluster rebuild, clutch cable replacement that could cause this?

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