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1988 Sunroof


Model: 944, Year:1988, Mileage:164000, Type of use:Street use only
Ok I searched through the Q&A and have not found an answer to my issue. I know if the key is in the ACC position, when you press the sunroof button, it is supposed to retract the lifts so you can remove the sunroof, or to lock it in place when you install it back onto the car. When the key is in the ON position, the lifts are supposed to lift the sunroof up to a vent position or down to lock. Unfortunately, my lifts only react one way in either key position - as if the key is in the ACC position. If I am driving and press the sunroof button, the lifts retract as if the key is in the ACC position. I have tried several things - bypassing the sunroof sensor, checking the position for the microswitches, and also bringing it to my Porsche mechanic, who says it should be working correctly. Any ideas?

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