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1989 911 Carrera Interior Lights and other related(?) problems

Electrical and Electronic

Vehicle Information: Model: Carrera; Year: 1989; Body Type: Coupe; Engine (type, size, modifications): 3.2 L, 6 cylinder; Total Mileage: 115,000;

Mechanically, this vehicle is in A+ shape, but there were a few electrical problems that I knew about when I purchased it about 3 months ago from the second owner, and there are a couple of problems that have developed since then. I put a new low-tone horn in myself and had a new car stereo put in recently, but those are the only electrical system-related modifications that have been performed since I've had the car.Are any of the following possibly related?1. The interior lights above the doors work, but they do not turn off when, in the center position, the door is closed. The light below the glove compartment works as it should.2. The windshield wiper rheostat appears to have no effect on the rate of the wipers.3. When I first acquired the car, the passenger side view mirror did not move via the 4-way remote control switch on the driver side door when the right side of the rocker switch above the ignition lock was depressed. Now, I can't seem to put the rocker switch in the "right position" at all, i.e. it doesn't "click" into that position.4. The luggage compartment light does not appear to work.5. The rear window wiper switch recently burned out (I saw smoke) and is now frozen in the on position.6. The headlight washer does not appear to work. There is fluid in the supply tubes, but admittedly I have not checked to see if there is a clog somewhere.7. The sunroof now does not open more than 2 millimeters (but I can hear the motor when I depress the rocker switch). If I had to guess, the problem appears to be on the driver-side half; it appears not to move and sounds stuck, whereas the passenger side half opens a little bit..8. Recently the right side tail light (between the white "reverse light" and the "Porsche" reflector) went out, and the problem is not the bulb (which I replaced).Any suggestions before I take it into the shop? I have both Haynes and Bentley, but based on my reading of them, I didn't see which fuses and/or relays were likely the culprits.Thanks for your help!

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