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1989 944 S2 Intermittent No Start - Battery?

  • 1989
  • 944 S2
85 000

My 944 S2 starts normally and runs well.  But, lately, it will start fine the first time or two.  But, beyond that, the starter will run at good speed but the engine will not catch. New plugs and distributor.   The coil cable insulator is broken inside the boot to the distributer connection and I have a new one on order.

I have an Interstate battery which is ab out at its time limit.  I have kept the car on a battery maintainer almost constantly.  Can it be that the maintainer charges the battery up enough to start once but not more than than until I put the battery back on the juice?   When it does start, the Voltage Meter pegs at 14V and doesn't come down any time soon.  I hesitate to drive it lest it not start somewhere down the road.

Anyone have any ideas for testing this?  Are car batteries like phone batteries -- at their end of life do they charge up fully but drain very fast? 

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