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1989 944 S2 Rough idle, dying, low power


Vehicle Information: Model(924/944/968): 944S2; Year: 1989; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 102,000;

My car will intermittently run rough with low power. When this occurs, it won't idle either. The problem is usually worse when it is closer to full throttle. The engine performs as though it is being choked down. It previously had a problem with rain and humidity that would cause it to die. The problem then was that it would not run at all. Some suggested to replace the DME relay which was done. All of the basic ignition and fuel items such as dist cap, wires, coil, and fuel filter have been replaced. The injectors have also been cleaned. The local dealer took some of the key electrical connectors loose and cleaned them. After that, they drenched the engine compartment without the car dying. It may have helped, but a gremlin still remains.The car is rarely driven at this time and alot of it is because these problems take some of the joy out of it. The last time I had the dealer look at it, they said the only problem was the motor mounts. I replaced them and it helped the rough running, but there was still something wrong. There has never been a pattern and the problem never occurs when the dealer is looking at it. They always say that everything checks out. This weekend when I started it, everything bad returned and it would hardly run. I opened the hood and tried to get an idea. When I opened the throttle, it sounded like the engine was gasping for air. After doing this it backfired through the air cleaner and now everything is fine again. It certainly appears that it may be something mechanical and the backfire corrected the problem. Today has been the only clue to the mystery that has plagued my car for years.

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