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1989 944 Turbo No start, starts, no start


Vehicle Information: Model(924/944/968): 944 Turbo; Year: 1989; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: approx 100K chassis, 20K on engine & clutch, tune-up, 5K.;

"Starting" history: Purchased 3/02, drove it locally for a month, always started immediately. Wine tour weekend 9/02, ran flawlessly for an 800 mile weekend. Track day in 10/02, ran flawlessly. Sat outside (in the NW) from Oct to April leaning slightly downhill. I would start it regularly when I was in town (I'm away about 50%+ of the time), always fired right up.Did not start when I went to move it into the garage in April (musta sat next to my 72 Alfa GTV too long). No spark (screwdriver in the coil wire 1/8" from ground). Swapped coils, to no avail. Pushed into garage. A lot of water had accumulated on the floor, drain tubes in the sunroof were clogged. A tremendous amount of wet cedar tree "droppings" found their way past the wipers onto the upper bay where the battery, wiper mech. & fuse box are. So.. it sits in the garage drying out while I'm on the east coast for 5 weeks. I return and on a lark, I try starting it, viola! It starts right up! Problem solved (he thinks). I leave again, come back 5 weeks later, doesn't start, even after a major battery re-charge, no spark (screwdriver in the coil wire 1/8" from ground. It cranks exceptionally well, fyi. I have: added 3 gallons of gas because the gauge was low, cleaned the connectors on the battery terminal (10mm nuts/cables), removed both electronic boxes, opened and found no corrosion inside (for a 14 year old box) and reinstalled. (I'm a mech engr, I had two British car nut elec engrs look at them, both thought the problem was elsewhere). Pulled all the relays and fuses that are associated with the electrical (ignition system). Removed the fuel pump relay, which had some corrosion on one terminal, cleaned and replaced. I believe I hear the fuel pump, although I'm not sure. I believe this is a result of being wet (not starting) then drying out (starting) then not starting (corrosion). I'm at a loss to isolate it. I don't have a shop manual. I did read the owners manual and traced electrically what I could extract from it though and the lid of the fuse box provides a considerable amount of info. There must be an interdependency I am not aware of, it's a "basics" problem I believe. Comments? prior to hauling to a Porsche shop.

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